the brow lounge


Katie, owner of The Brow Lounge and Elite Trainer at The Brow Lounge’s sister academy ‘The Brow Academy’ has specialised in brows for over 7 years.

Katie and her team of girls offer a wide range of eyebrow treatments day in, day out, making them highly experienced in all things BROWS!

Over the past 3 years, The Brow Lounge has become the home of Bëbë Brows, Katie’s own brow brand. Bëbë Brows is the most popular treatment here at The Brow Lounge, and has lead to the evolution of the Bëbë Brows treatment menu, offering a variety of brow treatments that can be tailored to each client.

Whilst the girls are experts at brows, we know that lashes and skin also compliment a fresh set of brows, so they also offer a wider range of beauty treatments such as lash lift, dermaplaning and more!

Take a look at our brow menu and see which Bëbë Brows are calling you…