Brows designed by us for you. After a thorough consultation , we mix our custom blend tints to create a bespoke colour to suit you. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean your brows have to be dark!  We then use a number of di­fferent hair removal techniques to achieve your ultimate dream brow!! And finally we apply our favourite Bëbë Brows makeup to give your brows that beautiful finish! We’ll even show you whilst we apply to help you achieve those brows at home.

Bëbë Henna Brows, a holy grail treatment! Using Brow Henna and precise Brow Mapping, we are able to stain the skin to create an effortless ‘powder brow’ effect. This treatment is perfect for those who like a bolder brow. Skin staining can last from 4 days up to 2 weeks depending on aftercare, and results last up to 8 weeks on the hairs! .

Bëbë Brow Fixx is here to up your brow game. This brow lamination treatment allows us to break down and reset the structures of your brow hair, and create a brow goals like never before! This treatment is perfect for giving your brows more volume, creating a brushed up fluffy brow, or it can be used to tame those unruly hairs into place! This treatment lasts up to 6 weeks and includes tinting and shaping.

FINALLY! Something for those that are allergic to brow dyes. This amazing product contains NO PPD,NO AMMONIA and NO PEROXIDE. No patch test is even required but we recommend you do have one just for a peace of mind. Like Henna and our Bëbë Wow Brows, Sensi brows can stain the skin for up to 3-14 days. 
With the Sensi brows we also shape them using our Bëbë brow hair removal techniques.

For those that love a bold brow we recommend our Bëbë “WOW” brows!! Our new advanced tinting technique allows us to stain the skin and is perfect for those who are allergic to Henna Brows. This method is different to Henna and other methods of brow tinting that we do. Your desired shade of brow tint will be specifically mixed to pick up fine hairs throughout the brow, slightly or deeply darken your brows, and help shape and frame your face. Colour is applied & moulded to your eyebrows to create the ultimate bold brow.

For those brows that are in need of some TLC. We require you to grow your brows as much as possible before coming to us for a “Browtox”, (Brow detox) We will give you a take home pot of castor oil to help encourage those brows to grow quicker and healthier. This needs applying twice daily for the best results. We will tint and shape your brows leaving any brow hairs we need you to keep growing. As part of the Browtox we will require you to keep coming back for a number of treatments to achieve that desired brow! This could take any thing between 2 – 8+ treatments! 
Don’t worry we offer a discount for block bookings.